Drs. Cappuccino (both pilots) and their dog Moxie flying off on another adventure.

Drs. Cappuccino (both pilots) and their dog Moxie flying off on another adventure.

Pilot Medical Services- 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Class Medical Certifications

Dr. Cappuccino is a senior aviation medical examiner with the FAA and offers first, second, and third class medical examinations. Dr. Cappuccino is also a commercially rated pilot and CFI and is passionate about aviation, most especially helping airmen safely obtain their medical certificates. I personally administer the entire examination including blood pressure screening, urnialysis, audiometrics, vision testing, and EKG. Do you have “white coat syndrome” and your blood pressure gets artificially elevated during an exam? Don’t worry, I have a great technique for assessing your true resting blood pressure. In addition to the basic tests I offer advanced color vision testing for airmen with color deficiency.

Advanced color vision testing

Did you know that eight percent of all males have a color vision deficiency? There are multiple color vision tests available and approved by the FAA. Some of the more standard test equipment such as the pseudoisochromatic color plate test only test moderate or severe color deficiency. If you fail the pseudoisochromatic color plate test at the time of your FAA physical exam, the aviation medical examiner (AME) may issue your medical certificate with the limitation “Not valid for night flying or color signal control.”

To have the restriction removed, you may choose to take one of the FAA-approved alternative pseudoisochromatic color plate tests such as the Farnsworth Lantern or OPTEC 900 color vision test. These tests assess the degree of color vision defect and are less sensitive to mild color vision deficiency. Someone with mild color vision deficiency might fail one of the more common screening tests and but be able to pass the OPTEC 900. If you successfully complete the alternate test, you will be considered as having acceptable color vision for the FAA. You will need to take a color vision test each time you reapply for a medical certificate. Therefore, if you have a slight color deficiency it is imperative that as a professional pilot you take the proper color vision test.

The OPTEC 900 color vision test is among the most suitable tests for any airman with a mild color deficiency, but the equipment has been out of production for years and is hard to find. Dr. Cappuccino uses the OPTEC 900 for advanced color vision testing.

Before your visit

Before your visit, please visit medxpress.faa.gov and complete the FAA 8500-8 form. After submitting the electronic application form, you have 60 days in which to schedule and take a physical examination with your AME. After 60 days, the application is deleted. Please provide the confirmation number to our office prior to your visit.

Exam Fees

1st class medical $150

1st class medical with EKG $200

2nd class medical $150

3rd class medical $150

Any class with advanced color vision testing $200